Savannah, oh, Savannah

When I think about what I gave up to move down here (the list is long), I sometimes feel like crying. But there haven’t been any tears yet! Well, at least not until last night when we were at a BBQ place and they only had mustard-based BBQ sauce. Apparently it is a thing here, so it isn’t a simple matter of finding a different BBQ restaurant. I mean, really Mustard-based BBQ sauce! I almost high-tailed it back to Virginia right then! I was mollified when Kevin (jokingly) suggested I could bring my own sauce next time. The boys and I are going up to Virginia before school starts. While there, I am going to stock up on individual packets of BBQ sauce from my favorite BBQ place. Oh yea.


  1. Who would have thought of having to deal with BBQ sauce issues when moving… especially to the south. I’ve never even heard of a bbq place that only has one type of sauce, and mustard-based? How odd.

  2. Welcome to the real south. Ask your mom about my BBQ sauce.
    You’ll adjust….just keep saying the beach is near, the beach is near. Now if you can only get there.

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