The rental house

So, I am totally obsessed with this rental house we’re in. Like, cataloging both its faults and its features. It’s for sale, (for more than I think it should be, but I don’t know anything about the Savannah market.) and it would be both cheaper and easier if we just bought this house instead of some other house in the same basic neighborhood. My list so far:\
The sun doesn’t BEAM into the house through the windows, so we can actually have our blinds up all of the time. (We could never do this in Va, due to how the house was oriented. People thought I was a vampire, I am sure.)\
The backyard is really shady and level.\
Large family room.\
Large bedrooms, including master big enough for K’s office.\
Pantry (this somewhat makes up for the smallish kitchen).\
Door to backyard from master. This is great when the kids get dirty, we just shuffle ten feet to my shower. (The door to the backyard from the mudroom didn’t turn out to be so useful- yet.)\
Situated so that we don’t have to see our neighbors if we don’t want to.\
Skylights in master bath and hall bath.\
Side of the house with the driveway is on a “busy” neighborhood street.\
No sidewalks, but this might be true everywhere.\
Kitchen is kind of small.\
Wallpaper/painted walls not to my liking.\
Peel and stick tile in 2 bathrooms and mudroom.\
House trim needs to be repainted.\
Sky-lights in the family room make it really hot and too-bright in certain spots.\
Probably the biggest negative is that there isn’t any wow factor. For some reason, this just doesn’t feel like my house. I guess I should make the decision based on financial criteria rather than emotional, but I don’t think I can. I LOVED my house in Va within 3 seconds of opening the front door. I want that experience and passion again. On the other hand, being detached emotionally frees me up for other things- like cooking- instead of decorating, painting, etc!

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  1. That’s the good thing about renting rather than buying right off the bat!
    It probably depends on how long you plan on staying there. Now I know that I have to buy a house with re-sell-ablility as a factor, too.

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