Have you heard?

There is a national protest against
Prop 8 on Saturday, November 15, being held in almost one hundred cities
across the nation
. This is, at heart, a civil rights issue and it is
unconscionable that we are still treating some people as second-class
citizens given that this is “the land of the free” in the 21st century.\
We’re roadtripping down to Jacksonville for tomorrow’s protest. YAY for
roadtrips! Ooh, I should make a couple of new mix CDs. I bet Kevin would
love that. Our power will be out tomorrow, so I’ve put off grocery
shopping and we are out of milk (the unopened jug in the back was from 2
weeks ago- oops), which means no cereal, no eggs, no pancakes, no toast
for breakfast. I am going to make “breakfast” bags of pb and j
sandwiches, apples, and juice boxes that we can eat in the car.\
Kevin suggested I blog about tv shows you should be watching, so here it
goes. Watch Friday Night Lights! This season feels a lot like the
first. It is so heart-warming and just wonderful. It’s unlike anything
else on tv right now. So, watch it! For those without the special Direct
Tv hook up, you can watch in January. Also watch How I Met Your
! It’s funny and also heartwarming. Apparently I am in the mood
for warm fuzzies lately, though I do have to admit that the Terminator
show was totally KICK ASS this week. Umm, that is all, continue about
your business [making plans for tomorrow’s protest].

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