Even though I am WICKED old, I am waaaay too young to have my dream house now. True story. So Kevin and I are going to look at less-fancy houses. All of the ones I have seen so far, though, have been sad-in-the-face-making. I am hoping that after the holidays, something perfect will turn up. Keep your fingers crossed for us. When we eventually get a place of our own, my second act will be to enlarge, frame and actually hang (omg, radical, right?) some of Kevin’s funky urban pictures. Wheee. Oh, speaking of Kevin’s funky pictures, he recently won a local contest for one of them. My husband is awesomer than yours. I bet you want to know which picture won.\
After months of living with a tv that whines and screeches, has a green tint on the whole left side, and randomly just doesn’t work at all, Kevin bought a new tv. It arrived super duper broken though. The boys were depressed for days. :(\
The last three or four books I’ve read have been really bad. What’s up with that? My book mojo seems to have left me. And how come I don’t just choose a different book instead of torturing myself by finishing them?\
Our stove isn’t working again. I think it just hates me, since it seems to work for Kevin. Booo. The upside, though, is less cooking! Peanut butter and jelly: it’s not just for kids’ lunches anymore.

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