Brian also gets his toes from his dad!

Brian has asthma. Woe. But just a little bit. “A whiff,” is how the doctor described it. The technical term is “mild and intermittent.” It used to be called “reactive airways disease,” which is a more accurate description according to the doctor. But, disease? DISEASE? Double woe. Anything with the word “disease” is bad.\
Brian’s been sick for the last two to three weeks. When his cough hadn’t disappeared after 10 days (being sick for nine days is ok- three days coming, three days here, and three days going), I took him to the dr. I figured I was overreacting, though I knew Brian’s occasional cough wasn’t normal. Turns out he had an ear infection, puss up his nose, and asthma! The doctor initially decided not to treat the “whiff of asthma” since it was just acting up because of the congestion. We went back to the dr a week later because the cough hadn’t ceased. Turns out Brian still had a raging ear infection. The doctor was pretty shocked, which was funny. He put Brian on a second-round of antibiotics and added some asthma medicine too.\
Brian doesn’t act sick, not counting the one day we tried to go out, except for throwing up once a day. He is really bored, but I can’t really send him to school or take him out to play. He is whiny and grumpy, but mostly due to the boredom and lack of Kevin at home. Brian is taking seven medicines right now, and all but one have to be given multiple times a day, waaaaa: two for allergies, two for the asthma, and three for his ear infection and congestion. Poor kid.

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  1. Whoa, that sounds brutal. I have adult psychotic patients that don’t take that many medications in one day. You have my sympathy, as does Brian.

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