Save Chuck!

A campaign to save a tv show that actually might work.\
I am not going to link sources. If you really care, google it and I’m sure a dozen will pop up.\
The season finale for Chuck is on Monday on NBC. Kevin, my awesome husband of 11 years and no, you cannot have him, really likes Chuck. It’s smart, funny, and heartwarming. But Chuck is in danger of cancellation. The solution? Prove that people are watching! The idea has been proposed that fans buy a footlong sub on Monday from Subway, a major sponsor of the show, before the episode and then gnosh out while watching. (This is so much better than sending in bottles of hot sauce (Roswell), yes?) When Subway sales go up for Monday, The Powers That Be will have their proof. Money talks, so what are you saying? Spread the word!\
Whether you watch Chuck on tv, tivo,, Hulu, or some other means, make sure you buy a footlong sub on Monday from Subway. Or just buy a footlong sub on Monday from Subway because they are yummy and this is a neat experiment!\
I think I am going to get a turkey, tomato, and lettuce on wheat with green pepper, for a fresh crunchy kick, sprinkled lightly with salt and pepper and a bit of mayo. What are you going to get?

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  1. I am completely against this probability of the Chuck cancellation. Chuck is a great show, and even though it isn’t really all that popular, it means a lot to those who do watch it. Sure, it’s plot isn’t all that different, but, as I will contradict many times, so what? Look at all the other shows on the air! (Law&Order, NCIS) PLEASE PLEASE keep chuck on the air. Give it a third season, and maybe put it on a different night. Just let it grow…

  2. its the series that i look forward on watching since i saw its trailer…. in axn (seeing chuck introduce himself saying that there will be an agent and then Sarah came in …. now finding out that there is a possibility of it being axed is not good… i hope NBC will listen to its viewers and continue chuck and have a third season…

  3. Please save Chuck! TV networks have a terrible way of canceling the best shows on and not even giving them a chance. Please do not cancel chuck!

  4. Please do not cancel Chuck. It makes my Mondays to be able to look forward to seeing what the group is up to next. What a talented group of actors and writers who make it all come together.

  5. PLEASE, PLEASE bring Chuck back for a third season! This is without a doubt the most entertaining show on the air, and it keeps getting better and better.

  6. I grew up watching great shows like “Get Smart” and “Hogan’s Hero’s”.
    Chuck is much more then a quirky take off. The show has a very human quality, that could parody a multitude of people’s lives.
    Remember that Star Trek’s humanitarian aspects were not even recognised until 20 years later.

  7. Don’t cancel Chuck! It is the best show on NBC right now. I like it way better than Heroes! This is a good cast and after that finale, people will set their living rooms on fire if the show is canceled!

  8. I am from Kenya and i can honestly say that i have not enjoyed another show like i do chuck, so please don’t pull it off the air, save chuck!

  9. We’ve got to save Chuck! That season finale was AWESOME. There’s so much yet to for Chuck to do. Help save Chuck at

  10. I wonder if NBC has even given any consideration to the international value of Chuck?
    I’ve been forced to use certain contraband methods to follow the show from all the way over here in Australia where the first season of Chuck only began airing on Pay TV four weeks ago.
    Give people in other countries the chance to fall for the show like so many other people have. International marketing and licensing of this show has huge potential
    Three out of the four members of my house are banging on my door the same time every Tuesday afternoon demanding the latest episode. Later this month, budget permiting I am buying myself a Nerd Herd T-Shirt from the NBC online store. I’ll pay for the DVD’s and I’m a sucker for merchandise.
    Save the show and I’ll pay my pound of flesh gladly.

  11. NO dont let chuck off the air. it is the best tv show that they have ever put on. my family all loves this show. i mean come on, hot girls, guns, and an awesome plot. whats not to love???

  12. Unfortunately NBC did not announce Chuck on their new lineup of shows, however not all hope is lost, NBC has been receiving a lot of grief for the shows cancellation and may bring it back. In the meantime watch Chuck online, buy the season DVD’s, and maybe even boycott some of NBC’s other shows.

  13. I love Chuck, they cannot cancel it. I will buy one on Monday, wait which Monday… I hope they listen, but they did not with my show privilidged.

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