Pumpkin Muffin!

I’ve been trying for weeks to come up with a cute and witty intro to this post, and I just can’t. So here I go…\
Our good friends, Tom and Becky, are looking to adopt. You can check out their pertinent and personal info here: Tom and Becky.\
While reading about their effort to adopt, it just struck me that maybe someone reading this blog might know Pumpkin Muffin, (their pet name for their future child). Kevin’s half of this blog gets so many visitors, I wanted to take the opportunity to spread the word about Tom and Becky’s search. Maybe one of you reading this knows of a woman looking for adoptive parents. If so, click on the link above and see if there is a possible match. Thanks.\
A bit about Tom and Becky- They are well-educated, generous, intelligent, family-oriented, and fun-loving. Becky actually introduced me to Kevin, who turned out to be my Prince Charming. Wouldn’t it be nice if I were to facilitate Becky meeting her own little prince (or princess)?

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