Staycationing in style

Instead of going on a real family vacation this year, we decided to check out Savannah’s fun spots. Besides the obvious benefit of saving money, we avoided the frustrating mornings and evenings in a hotel when everyone wouldn’t be awake at the same time. (I hate staying at hotels, can you tell?)\
We didn’t do everything on our fun list, be we did manage:

  • Ice Age in 3-D (yay air conditioning!)
  • Beach (sorry, no pictures)
  • Fireworks
  • Playgrounds, playgrounds, and more playgrounds
  • Star Wars marathon (gag me, but the boys really loved this)
  • Baseball game
  • Cook out, with root beer floats, yum\
    Kevin’s posted some pictures already.\
    We are going to both sets of grandparents’ before school starts, but those are “visits” not vacations. Just fyi.\
    Q: What are you doing for vacation this summer, internet?


  1. Grandma Connie and I went to see Ice Age 3D, also, and we enjoyed it. I guess doing those things without kids with you (as a cover) isn’t as embaressing after you get old.

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