Slice of Life entry

I have a bunch of errands and shopping to do today, one of which is to go to the local library about a mile from my house. It doesn’t open until 2 though. 2! On a Saturday. Isn’t that lame? I want to go there first, since I don’t want groceries to melt or have to backtrack. So I am sitting at home waiting for the library to open, wasting hours, so I don’t waste 15 minutes backtracking. I also can’t get up the energy to start laundry or the dishes, since my plan was to do that after all of my errands were finished [in the morning]. This is why I can never be president. That and my period. I also can’t be a swim teacher either though.

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  1. Our library here never opens before noon. I’m like, by then, who needs it? What has happened to the world? I want to go to the library at 10AM dangit.

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