Kevin’s posted more pics, yay!

On the last day in Virginia, we prettied the kids up and sent them off to the mall to get their picture taken together. It came out really cute. Then Tim, Kevin and Grandpa Larry took the kids to the Air and Space Museum. Babba finagled the day into a flight theme and talked Grandpa into putting on his old flight suit and helmet. Brian made him pretend to be Darth Granpda. (Yea, I don’t know.) The kids had fun! In some of the pics, I can’t tell the difference between Max and Brian!! Big kudos to Grandpa for being able to get into his flight suit after more than a decade of retirement. :)\
Our visit to Virginia was short, but we packed in lots of fun and chatting time. Everyone got to play with the baby, meet the new girlfriend, and start planning for Thanksgiving, yay.\
In the next set of pics: Mississippi madness!