More pics, yay!

Kevin is posting the rest of pics in a willy-nilly fashion, so the Mississippi vacation update will depend on what he uploads. He posted the swamp tour pictures today. The tour was really cool- no mosquitoes, only a bit of humidity, we went fast enough frequently enough that we stayed cool and comfortable. We saw half a dozen alligators, dozens of turtles, and some pretty birds. We also saw some crazy-ass fishing shacks, that looked like a medium gust of wind would knock them over, but most had satellite tv, lol. The tour was a bit staged, but I had no problem with that. The captain of the boat would draw the baby alligators to us by throwing them marshmallows. At one point, he actually petted one of the large alligators several times, grabbed its lower leg and lifted it out of the water. To get the large alligators out of the water he put a hotdog on a stick and teased them gently:\

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  1. Marshmallows and hot dogs? Sounds like a campfire roast for the swamp denizens. It would have been super impressive if he could have gotten all the woodland creatures to sing ‘Kumabyah’, which I have misspelled.

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