Summer Vacation Entry 1

Last month, the boys and I flew to Mississippi and spent 2 weeks cavorting with grandparents and cousins, and then we flew to Virginia to cavort with even more family. Since Kevin is posting the last batch of pictures first, that is how I will start my vacation wrap-up.

  • We went to the National Zoo, which was a huge disappointment to me. (No penguins, woe.) The kids had a good time, though a good deal of it was due to riding in the zoo’s two-kiddie stroller. Best \$4 spent ever.
  • The kids played at an indoor bouncy and slide playground. It wasn’t cheap, but it was air conditioned. This activity got a thumbs up from everyone and resulted in some really funny pictures.
  • Babba, aka Kevin’s mom, put together a huge pirate-themed scavenger hunt. The clues contained pictures, so Brian could lead the group during his turn. At each clue, the kids had an activity to do: throw water balloons, cross “crocodile lake,” dig through “brains” for gold coins, have a bubble fight with other pirates, capture enemy boats, etc. It took about three hours and the kids LOVED it. Some things didn’t go as planned, like when the kids were attacked by evil pirates with water balloons, the kids immediately and without remorse attacked back! Ha. Apparently that thought never entered Babba’s mind. Digging through “brains” for gold coins ended up in a huge food fight in the backyard. The littlest pirate, age 1 year, balked at having a hand print made, so we stuck his foot in the cement mixture before he could wiggle away. 🙂