The Internet is Awesome

In need of a funny pick-me-up? Read all three questions and answers: Advice Column.\
Kevin’s younger sister entertained Brian with the famous bunny story while tying his shoes over our Thanksgiving visit, but Brian wants a new story now. What is a mom to do? Google it! Here is a list of several that I had never heard of before: Shoelace Stories.\
Raise your hand if you know more than five kids with Autism? An interesting and hopeful article: Doctors are now advised to actively screen for Autism, Early Intervention is Key.\
A simple way to help save a life: Stoves needed in Darfur. This is an old article, but still relevant.\
My favorite version of a Kelly Clarkson song: My Life Would Suck Without You.

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  1. I never learned to tie my shoelaces “properly”, with the going-around-and-through bit. I made a simple knot, and then made two loops and made a simple knot again with the loops. And if I wanted a double knot, I just did that yet again.
    And that, to this day, is how I tie my shoelaces… 🙂
    Some of those poems are cute, though. Now I want to learn them just ‘cuz they’re cute… ^_^;;

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