Awesome is genetic! \0/

Brian is reading, which makes me heart sing. I’ve never been so proud. He is adding and telling time. He is also learning to tie his shoes, which is a big deal in these days of velcro. He can open the van door, buckle himself, and close the van door; brush his teeth, even though he doesn’t like to; dress himself; put the clean silverware away. He’s been doing these for a long while, but it’s always great to see what a non-baby he is. He can open the upper cabinets in the kitchen and a couple of times I’ve mistaken him for Max, because he’s grown so tall. He is a real little person, who can do many things, follow instructions, and has opinions. YAY! I probably told you already, but he won the “Flying Hawk” award which is awarded to one kid per class for representing integrity, honesty, and other touchy-feely themes.

Max has been on fire at school. The Media Project he and his 3rd grade class did last year won its division at the international level. Meaning, it went to the regional competition, then state, then US, then Int’l and won them all. This year, as a big 4th grader, each student worked with a partner to create a project, instead of doing one project as a class. He and his partner created a story about a guy who falls into another dimension where he has to fight through various video games to get out. It was funny and fun to watch. 🙂

Earlier in the year he tried out for the Science Olympiad team. There are only 4 kids from his grade selected, and he was one of them. Twice a week he’s been going in early to work with a partner on Simple Machines. At the district competition a couple of weeks ago, he and his partner took first place and his school won first place overall! They get to go to the state competition in Atlanta, for an overnight trip! Kevin is taking the day off, and we are pulling Brian from school so we can all go.

He continues to be active with chorus and the Art and Philosophy Club. I’m still on a high from his participation in the Spelling Bee, where he did well. He’s earned straight A’s on his last two report cards and he also received the “Flying Hawk” award. What are the odds that both of my kids received it?? Outside of school, he was recently promoted in karate, continues to write for, creates comics in his spare time, and he and Kevin gave a joint presentation at the Telfair Museum last month.\


  1. Wow! On all accounts. What impressive kids you have, I’m sure it has nothing to do with you being an awesome mom 😉 Great job! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back (since I can’t do it myself)!

  2. i’m a putz…thanks for commenting on my blog so i could re-find you. i didn’t even know/remember you had a second child. again…i’m a putz…it’s been way too long…your kiddos are crazy cute!

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