Almost paradise, we’re knocking on heaven’s door

My MIL has a set of really cool two-sided 5×7 picture frames. I’ve
coveted them ever since I first spotted them. I have a hard time picking
which pictures to display, (and so I don’t display any) but with these
two-sided ones, you can have twice as many available for viewing! And
the 5×7 size is perfect for the professional pics we’ve had taken. I’ve
been googling for ages for frames similar but haven’t ever found any.
Until now. Lookie, from Bed, Bath, and Beyond:


Do you see how awesome these are? Can you image how good a pair of these
would look in my room? And they are even situated for regular 5x7s and
sideways ones.

BUT! Why is there a white line painted on the glass? Booooooooooooooo.

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