I listen to a lot of podcasts on my commute. The Heretics episode of This American Life hit close to home this week. I’ve been grappling with my faith now for a while, and there’s so much other stuff going on in my life right now that I keep pushing it into the background. But,… Continue reading Heretics

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Join the Impact: We Marched in Jacksonville!

The rest of the pics are here. Unlike most other events I attend, I spent more time “present” than taking pictures. The stories from committed couples, many of whom have been together for decades, were both inspiring and heart-breaking.\ To me, this isn’t about whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong, it’s about allowing… Continue reading Join the Impact: We Marched in Jacksonville!

Two Awesome Things

Today only, Amazon has Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog soundtrack for only FIVE BUCKS. That’s flippin’ sweet! (Jen, don’t buy it, I already did).\ Also, this protest against Prop 8 in California is super-awesome. I love it when people are creative and funny in the face of what now seem to be pretty insurmountable odds.

Spare Eight Minutes

Lawrence Lessig provides a great argument against Proposition 8. It’s reasoned, has a sound legal backing (because, he’s Lawrence Lessig), and is profound in its simplicity. It perfectly echoes my own feelings on it, and does a great job of dissolving the rationale for the proposition without insulting those who support it. Great great stuff.… Continue reading Spare Eight Minutes

I just spent $80 filling up my gas tank

More from me-\ I get that the LDS church wants to silence dissents, but this guy isn’t speaking out about church doctrine. The petition states: We affirm the LDS Church’s right to define doctrine and policy for its own members. So, let the church proclaim all it wants about whatever. Let the church dictate the… Continue reading I just spent $80 filling up my gas tank

Not Again… Love Thy Neighbor

Here we go again. My Church has come out again and said two different things, and it’s driving me crazy. On the one hand, the church released a statement saying that the church is neutral in political elections but encourages members to participate in the process. On the other, they come out in favor of… Continue reading Not Again… Love Thy Neighbor