I’m back at work, and

I’m back at work, and dang people, can you send more mail? Just between the first and third I received 100+ pieces of mail, mostly work related. How scary is that?

Just a little update on LawverHappenings:

  1. Christmas was great. Max was adorable and everyone was laid back and had a good time. There were no fights, no major philosophic differences (that we discussed), no disasters, and everyone left smiling.

  2. As you can tell by my last post, I got Civ3 from my in-laws. It has yet to caused marital dischord, which is a major achievement.

  3. Mom got me The Best of Randy Newman. It’s most excellent.

  4. The record store in the mall is going out of business. We raided it and I picked up some really good stuff

    • Rhinocerose: Blissful French techno. Very groovy

    • Spring Heel Jack: Treader. I love his other stuff and didn’t even know about this album. It’s much better than the last one.

    • Amon Tobin: Supermodified. Oh yes, yes, yes, this is an amazing album. You’ve heard him on BMW and Coke commercials. Great rockin’ beats. Light Sunday Afternoon Industrial

    • Crash Test Dummies: Give Yourself a Hand. I was curious about this album before, but never went out and got it. It’s an interesting departure from the “Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm” stuff from their first two albums. I liked it. They mixed up the vocals, still had a couple songs that felt like their old stuff, but really left the park on the rest of the album. It’s a little dirty, but a fun listen.

    • David Byrne: Feelings. I love David Byrne. I was looking for Look Into the Eyeball, but this was the only one they had that I don’t. Excellent album. Goes from David Byrne’s normal wackiness to Country twang to techno-ey thumping without making your head spin. Awesome.

    • Memento the Soundtrack: There’s some really good stuff on this album by Moby, Thievery Corporation, Bjork, etc. Good stuff.

  5. We went to Home Depot yesterday and loaded up on shelving for our midget closet and various other places. I even bought super-strength drywall screws so I don’t repeat the “Great Sliding Shelve Debacle of 2000” again.

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Because I’m in a funk

Because I’m in a funk and feeling sleepy, I present my
Favorite Sad/Mellow Songs (song:artist):

  1. Teardrop: Massive Attack
  2. Weather Storm: Massive Attack
  3. Wish: Mephisto Odyssey
  4. In Spite of Me: Morphine
  5. The Night: Morphine
  6. Take Me With You: Morphine (sensing a Morphine theme here?)
  7. Gone for Good: Morphine
  8. Is Jesus Your Pal?: GusGus
  9. Anthem: GusGus
  10. Jayme Lynn: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
  11. Nothingness: Living Colour (only good song off their last album)
  12. She’s Already Made Up Her Mind: Lyle Lovett
  13. North Dakota: Lyle Lovett
  14. Family Reserve: Lyle Lovett (all off of Joshua Judges Ruth – what an excellent album)

There are more. I forgot a lot of people, like Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and Jeff Buckley. Leonard Cohen for writing Hallelujah and Jeff Buckley for singing it, and The Last Goodbye. Randy Newman for several songs, but mostly for one he played on Session at West 54th that he said hadn’t been recorded yet called, I Miss You. That song tore me up. And actually, it’s the last song on his new Best Of CD. I know what’s going in my stocking this year…

There’s something about real sad songs, and movies, that I can’t shake. They can’t be stupid or fake. They can’t be Hallmark sappy. There has to be genuine, or at least the appearance of genuine pain behind it in order for it to work. Sad songs, like the Blues, make me happy. Sadness is life-affirming. Sadness means that you’re still kicking and will most likely be happy again. I don’t like constantly morose songs, or Goth depression. Real sadness in a song though is refreshing. You should try it.

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My Britney problem — and

My Britney problem — and yours – A great article from Salon about the pop princess and what she’s peddling. It’s a fascinating point of view. It makes it hard to think about having another kid. What if the baby’s a girl? It seems like such a herculean task to raise a girl today. I don’t know how I’d do. Raising a boy is pretty easy. They don’t discover girls until they’re 9 or 10, and even then, it’s in an ewww gross sort of way. Girls have it so much harder, and from an earlier age.

I’ll have to remember to tell my “Hey, she’s a GIRL.” story sometime.

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Ooooh, oooh, oooh!! Trey Atanasio

Ooooh, oooh, oooh!! Trey Atanasio (from Phish), Les Claypool (Primus) and Stuart Copeland (The Police, duh) have formed a band!! They have a couple videos you can watch online, and wow. Take the funky slap bass from Primus, Les’s goofy vocals, Trey’s intricate guitar work, and Copeland’s crazy drums and I’m in geeeee-tar music happy heaven land. The bass-i-ness of it all reminds me of early Living Colour – nice and thick without being annoying. Fine stuff… expect a full review after I get the album. (link via Caterina)

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If you’ve never heard it,

If you’ve never heard it, Living Colour‘s version of These Memories Can’t Wait is just the greatest song to hum along with while eating your morning bagel.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Bela Fleck recently, and I just have to say how great Tales From the Acoustic Planet is. It has it all, and just gets better the more I listen to it.

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Back to Music: I brought

Back to Music: I brought in a bunch of old CDs today, and am now listening to my Living Colour collection (no, dammit, it’s not the TV show). What amazing stuff. Between Corey Glover’s stellar voice and Vernon Reid’s guitar, they produced two of the best albums of the late 80’s/early 90’s. Vivid and Time’s Up were just great. Other than Nothingness, Stain was a waste. But, then, Vernon and Corey came out with solo albums that redeemed them. All worth checking out. Oh laws yes (I read The Stand the weekend I bought Time’s Up so that phrase is connected to the album for me).

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