Apparently all it takes to get things done quickly is to be able to make decisions quickly. Who knew? (Um, yea, Kevin and I dated for 5 weeks before getting engaged.)
A little more than 48 hours ago I was daydreaming about the fancy new carpet I had just ordered and how awesome it would be to finally get the basement back to organized. A day later, Kevin accepted a job offer in Georgia. Since then, I have:
* sent Kevin off to chat about rails. (Seriously, SXSW is geek Spring Break, this conference sounds like geek Summer Camp.)
* stressed a bunch about homes and schools and selling and buying and money and traveling and missing my husband and traumatizing my kids and being away from any family.
* found the neighborhood in Savannah we want to move to (18 minutes from the beach! The BEACH! WHEEEEE!).
* decided to rent out our house in Va, to weather the downturn a little until it rebounds some.
* found a property management company, I think.
* decided to rent a house in Savannah, so I can take my time finding the perfect house for us with in-law accommodations!!
* canceled the fancy carpet in favor of cheaper carpet.
* got estimates for some painting and small repairs.
* decided to just go with the painter who came tonight, without taking a month to ponder all of the implications of this decision.
* talked with my MIL for hours in which I’ve completely upended all of the decisions Kevin and I made (ha).
* planned out how to stage the house, what to get rid of, what to offer to a tenant.
* scheduled and canceled carpet people, cleaners, estimates.
* rescheduled carpet people, cleaners, and painters.
* obsessively checked my status on the freecycle group so I can start getting rid of the many things I don’t want to move down to Ga.
* scrounged to find a specific paint can so I can get more of that color.
* boxed up dvds, cds, and video games so the workmen can actually get to the area to do their thing.
Ugh, I’m tired. Kevin feels bad(ly?) that I am doing this without him. It’s fine though, at least for right now. :) I won’t hesitate to remind him that diamonds are forever, heh, as is our love- woot woot. My other diamond inspired motto: As your love grows, so should your diamonds.