When The Rambos Do Something…

They don’t kid around. Not only do Dawson and Annie both have blogs, but now step-daughter/daughter Laura has one too. What next guys, the cat?

Pretty soon, they’ll be blogrolling, sitemeterin’, RSS Feedin’ pros. I feel partly responsible for inflicting the addiction on them. Really, I do. This all started with a simple “Hey, how do I get a blog for my wife?” and it’s ballooned into a family obsession (yes, I’m probably hyperbolizing here, but play along). You know this is all my vain attempt to get them traffic, right? It’s like trying to start a fire with a piece of string and a thimble (because how much traffic do I get? Not a whole lot).

Where is this going? I have no idea… all this posting today is my way of avoiding work and staying awake until I can go home (well, go to Safeway and get Max’s medicine and THEN go home).

Three Days Old And Already A Pro

So my pal Dawson started a blog. I told you that already. But, go back. Where there was once nothing, there is now content. Check out his Tips for Husbands. Words to live by, jackholes, words to live by.

Daws’ Movable Type installation is now un-messed up and you should see some more neat-o stuff from him shortly (like an XML feed so you can try to keep up with him).

In completely unrelated news, I’m down to 285. You may say to yourself, “Wasn’t he at 289 like two weeks ago? What took him so long? I can lose four pounds by taking a trip to the can!” Well, I was sick. I was at home. I lost my rhythm. I ate things I’m not supposed to. I was naughty. Since Monday, I’ve lost three pounds, so I’m back on track. In fact, I’m wearing my new smaller belt because I was down to the last hole on the “Middle” belt. I’ll see you at 250, suckers!

Nononono, I Don’t WANT TO!!

Max has pink eye. I probably gave it to him. He went to bed last night at eight, like he always does. He woke up at one and was up all night. I got up with him initially, but he, of course, didn’t want me. I got him some juice (spiked with PediaCare – shhhh, don’t tell him), and asked if I could lay down with him instead of going to get Jen. So I went and got Jen. After making sure they were settled and had everything they needed, I went back to bed. It took two hours to get back to sleep. Then, I woke up at 8:30 so I could get Max to the doctor at 9:30. I got ready, got him ready, and headed out the door. As soon as Max realized where we were going, he lost it. “I don’t want to go to the doctor!!! Nononononononononononono!!” He, thankfully, sat quietly in the waiting room, but as soon as it was time to go back, he lost it again. There is no worse feeling than having to bear hug your little boy while the doctor does stuff. It sucked holding him still when he got shots as a little baby, and it sucked this morning holding him still so the doctor could look in his nose, ears and throat and listen to his chest.

We went home, and here I am at work, exhausted. I’m trying to be productive, but it’s just not working. I did get what I needed to get to QA on time, with a couple last-minute added bonuses. I learned some scary stuff about Windows Update (ok, this time I’m switching for real – and, wouldn’t Windows Updates “Checking for updates – no information is being send to Microsoft” be fraud?). I fixed a friend’s Movable Type installation (it’s a lot harder than I remember it being – I think it’s just his hosting company). I should read some more of my Java and JSP books, but I can barely stay awake reading them normally. I should play some more with a random number generator, but that’s boring (I mean, how hard is it to call Random()?).

There are, of course, things I’d like to talk about right now that might actually be interesting. I just don’t have the energy for it.

Another Lawver Google Appearance

Not sure how this happened, but I’m up at the top of the results on Google for “how does google make money”. My post about Google’s Acquisition of Blogger is number one, above TechTV, ABC News and Motley Fool. Ummm, I don’t know whether to be afraid that Google got this so wrong, or proud that Google thinks I’m more relevant than the big boys.