All The India Pics

Since I’ve been awake at 4 AM the past two days, I’ve gotten all my India photos up on Flickr. Here they are:

  • In And Around Bangalore
  • On the road to Mysore
  • The Banyan Tree
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • St. Anthony’s and Mysore
  • The Temple
  • The Bull and Monkeys\
    I have very conflicted thoughts about my week in India. I need some more time to get them all together and reconciled before I try to write about them. If I tried to go into it now, I don’t think it would make any sense (not that anything I write ever makes any sense). I met some fascinating and amazing people, saw poverty beyond my comprehension, and had experiences I never thought I’d have (crocodiles… come on!). Pulling it all together into something coherent is going to take some time. Either way, I’m really glad to be home.

4 thoughts on “All The India Pics

  1. Glad you are back safe… I’m looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. LOVE the monkeys because, as you know, Monkeys = Comedy 😉

  2. Just thought it was fair to let you know I’ve raided your Flickr. I saved a bunch of pictures and am going to put them on my PalmPilot to keep Sam occupied while we wait places…like church. I think she’ll really like the crocodile!

  3. I’m fine with that. Just make sure you make an appropriate croc hiss when you show her the picture.

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