Oy with the urine already!

I can’t get Brian to stop peeing in his underwear. Waaaaaaaaaaah.\
And Kevin’s hotel is RIGHT ON THE BEACH. Double waaaaaah. I should have gone. :(\
In super good news though, Kevin will be home for 14 hours this weekend, just in time for the Super Bowl. YAY!


  1. Is he in “big boy” pants? Being wet and uncomfortable usually does the trick. You may also want Max to have a brother-to-brother talk with him about using the potty.

  2. Mom,
    Yes, Brian is wearing real cotton underwear. I like the idea about Max talking to Brian. I’ll see what I can do about that. Brian does go when I tell him too. Sometimes nothing comes out but even when it does, he still pees his pants an hour later. Boo.

  3. Let’s start a “husbands gone all the time club!” We can have different levels of membership:
    Silver- husband out of town at least one week out of the month
    Gold- Silver requirements PLUS- husband works more than 11 hours in a normal day and on Saturdays
    Platinum- Gold requirements PLUS a child with potty issues.

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