Max has elephant man disease!

Actually, impetigo. Which isn’t nearly as funny once I learned how to spell it. He also has strep throat. Kevin suggested I take Max to the doctor once Kev got a good look at the spreading breakouts on Max’s face. (That was me trying not to use confusing he’s and him’s. How did I do?) I just thought Max had a zit at first. Good thing Kevin’s around. Though it took us 2 or 3 days to arrange for Kevin to see Max’s face (that is how much Kevin has been working and how much Max has been sleeping).\
After the dr’s appointment, we went to the store and bought lots of sickie food: Sprite (for the upset stomach), jello, popsicles, juice. I looked and looked but couldn’t find any kiddie valium to knock the kids out until the medicine works.\
By the time Max goes back to school on Tuesday, he’ll have been out almost 2 weeks. With nothing to show for it! No awesome vacation or broken bone or surgery or the house burning down. Just sick. How boring is that?

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