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Aunt Margie wants me to keep her updated on the moving situation, so she can have post-traumatic flashbacks to all of the times she moved. Or something. And she wants to make in-jokes about The Lady and Sons, except I don’t know what that place is. I should look it up so I can be giggly with her.\
I need to start eating the food at the back of the pantry- you know, the oddball stuff that you don’t remember why you bought it. Thankfully I wasn’t in the mood to stock up on canned goods when I went to Costco last month. At least now I won’t be serving canned green beans with every meal.\
So, I have a ton of boxes now. Thanks, Freecycle of Sterling! I also got rid of my rocking chair and it’s going to a good home. How come I didn’t know about freecycle before? I love getting rid of things AND getting them to a good home. I’ll be sure to join the group in Savannah.\
On Tuesday, we are getting new carpet in the basement, both sets of stairs, the upstairs hall and the boys’ bedrooms. Preparing for this is a huge pain. My bedroom is the dumping ground for all of the boys’ stuff (toys, clothes, books, linens), the bottom of the hall closet, the stuff on the hall bookshelf, and the random computer storage from the landing. Ugh. My room needs new carpet too, but since all of the stuff has to go somewhere while the carpet is being installed, it will have to wait until the following week so I can shuffle everything to the boys’ rooms. The office is the dumping ground for the basement’s toys, computer, and tv. The laundry waiting to be washed will have to spend the day in the bathroom down there.\
Kevin is still conferencing. He gets home on Monday to a whirlwind and no place to sleep. The boys have been sleeping with me and since we need to strip their beds for the new carpet, I went ahead and did that already. Oops.

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  1. I read your response to the previous question of going to The Lady and Sons and you agreed to go NOT KNOWING WHAT IT IS and that is what I love about you. Ok, you were on track – it IS Paula Deen’s restaurant. And we hafta go.
    Man alive, you are right – I AM having flashbacks/nightmares of moving. The thing is – Rita Ranch is starting to get all hood on us and I think about moving but golly I am too old and tired. So we are HOPING to make it 10 years to retirement but we are not sure if the neighborhood will make it that long. I want to sell long before the really bad times come.
    Ok, this is so off topic. Sort of.
    Back to YOU.
    So are you staying behind while the house is on the market? Where will Kevin stay down there? So many things to work out. Are you still going on the beach vacation with your mom and dad? I hope that is timed perfectly to give you a GOOD rest!
    Love you,
    Auntie M

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