This is me blogging \0/

Sunday we drove up to Hilton Head. I had never been before, but had heard all sorts of fabulous things about it. We visited some museum and went to the top of the lighthouse. While having lunch, we saw dolphins!!! I’d always heard how busy restaurants are on Mother’s Day were, but not in Hilton Head. We let the kids play at a local park and then visited some other harbor and checked out one of the beaches. It was a nice town, but nothing to rave about, honestly. Kevin said it was “too sanitized and lacked character.” It was a fun day and I won’t waste time pining for a visit, so it’s all good.\
The kids had the most fun at the park:


I saw some shade and made Kevin take a picture of us without squinty eyes:

There are more pictures here.

After that we headed home and the kids gave me the presents they made in school. Lots of coupons for chores and pictures of flowers. Last week Brian asked what my favorite sport is. He asked, “Golf?” I said no. He got really upset. He practically started crying and said, “Mini golf?” I agreed, just to calm him down, and he seemed happier. When I got my presents, I finally understood what that crying was about. He made a card at school and it listed all sorts of info about me- my name, eye color, favorite hobby, favorite sport, etc. He wrote golf for that last question and didn’t want the gift ruined by being wrong. How sweet, funny, and charming is that?

My birthday is a week after Mother’s Day. I think Mother’s Day gifts should be something smallish, like a book or a candle, whereas birthday presents is where the real action should take place. Kevin has never followed this though and usually reverses the gift giving priority. He went all out for Mother’s Day again 🙂 I can’t really complain about getting presents though.\
This morning, Brian was writing sentences about fish, dolphins, sharks, and whales as homework. He wrote about the fish we had to leave behind in Va. He wrote, “We youst to have fish…” Youst!! Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

Report cards came today!

Brian is doing well in school. The kindergartners don’t get a regular letter grade. Instead, they are evaluated on 100+ skills and knowledge. He’s right where he should be for most things, with a few he excels at and a few he’s still working on. The one “area of concern” is when the routine is changed. I guess he doesn’t handle that well. The last couple of weeks, Brian has been reading to us, which has been a thrill!\
Max received all A’s in the Core Subjects (Math, English, etc), yay! Better yet, all of his grades improved, except for the subjects he got a 99 in last quarter. His actual scores were: Language Arts- 99; Reading- 99; Social Studies- 99; Health- 98; Science- 97; and Math- 95. Max was like, “No 100s?” Kevin said, “That is just to give you something to work for this quarter.” Ha! His grades for the Specials (Art, PE, Music, Spanish) were all “Exceeds Expectations.”\
I should treat my kids for a job well done. What should it be?

Brian is cute, and he knows it!

Brian’s school is asking the kids to earn a dollar at home doing chores and then donate the money to the school’s Help Haiti fund, which will be given to the American Red Cross. Brian and I discussed what chore he could do for his dollar. It has to be something he doesn’t normally do, but something he can do. (Duh.) We settled on wet-swiffering the bathroom. Later he piped up, “Maybe I could get an extra dollar for being so cute?”


Taking the Boys to Atlanta

Max’s Blue Man Group Audition from Kevin Lawver on Vimeo.

The boys and I went to Atlanta last weekend to hang out with my pal David and go to the Georgia Aquarium. We stayed in a hotel right downtown, went to the Children’s Museum, ate at Legal Seafood, went swimming, watched a movie and had a lot of fun. The pictures are here and there are some more videos to come.

Brian story

Brian’s favorite thing in the whole world to play with is “finger friends.” Those are the little people that are made when you make a walking motion with your hand, making your fingers act as the moving legs. Get it? Luckily, Brian can take his finger friends with him where ever he goes. Even though I packed a bunch of toys and activities for the plane ride over the summer, Brian mostly played with finger friends (and ate candy, but that is a story for another day). Now that Brian is school, he plays with finger friends when he has recess or a few minutes of down time. He has recently been putting sand in his pocket during recess so he could play ‘desert finger friends’ while waiting in line to be picked up.\
I don’t really have anything to say about this new discovery. 🙂

What a difference 599.2 miles make…

Max had NINE family members at his preschool graduation. Brian only had me. Even so, Brian’s graduation on Friday was adorable. The kids wore paper graduation hats, with glittery tassels. They sang songs and recited some of the things they had learned over the year. The kids were well behaved as they sat and waited for their name to be called to go shake hands with the teachers and receive their diploma. I’ll be sure to post pics, as soon as Kevin comes home with the camera and we have Brian reenact the moment.\
Graduation was totally moot though because over half the class is staying for another year of preschool. Plus, of those kids going on to kindergarten, most are staying for the summer program, which is in the same classroom with the same teacher. So, graduation (and cake!) on Friday, back to school on Monday.