Max is still sick, but happy in spirit, and I am tired of it! (Him being sick). I haven’t been able to go to Costco, my household routine is in disarray, and Brian and I are tired of staying inside. And I am sure as heck tired of getting up early in the morning, unnecessarily. Booooooo to it all.

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The Big 9!

Hey peeps! What’s up?\
There is a new Veronica Mars on tonight. Woohoo! It’s counter programming to all of the lies and filth being shown on the other channels tonight. Check it out, 9pm EST on The CW!!\
Also, it’s my anniversary people, let’s PAR-TAY!\
Over the past 9 years, Kevin and I combined have experienced:\
2 kids,\
4 in-town moves,\
2 dye-jobs,\
4 broken bones,\
1 super horrible hair cut,\
buying 1 house,\
4 operations,\
1 cross-country move,\
buying 4 cars,\
1 helicopter ride,\
6 wedding rings,\
1 heart attack of a parent,\
2 family weddings,\
1 car crash,\
1 BFF divorce,\
1 trip in an ambulance,\
3 tivos,\
3 uncles that passed away,\
4 prescriptions for anti-depressants,\
2 family vacations,\
7 trips overseas,\
3 parents retiring,\
12 business trips in the US,\
6 trips to visit family,\
1 big snowstorm,\
and 4 sets of neighbors.\
What have you experienced in the last 9 years?

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Explain to me why I have no problem going to sleep at 7 pm sometimes when Kevin is home, but can’t force myself to go to bed before midnight when he isn’t?\
ETA- My attempt at sleeping in this morning failed spectacularly. Booooo.

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My Week

Kevin is out of town, so expect a lot of random posts from me. These are my plans for this week:\
Monday, (Max doesn’t have school) take the kids to McD’s to play in the indoor play area and use Grandma’s naughty McD’s gift certificates.\
Tuesday, Brian and Jen to Costco to get all the things we didn’t last week when Brian had a meltdown in the store.\
Wednesday, Brian and Jen to BB&B or Walmart for floor lamp and red pillows and cushion.\
Thursday, quick, everybody clean up because Daddy comes home tomorrow!\
Exciting week, huh?

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Oy! and Awwww!

I am going to start keeping a running tally of how many times Brian asks about Kevin this week. So far, 5 times in the 5 hours since we dropped him off at the airport (and he took a 2 hour nap in there). Brian had a really hard time dealing with Kevin going back to work after his massive time off. Every hour he would ask for Daddy and cry. Oy! It got a little better as the days went on. But since the weekend, Brian is back to how he was right after vacation ended.\
Seriously, Brian asked about Kevin 3 times just while I was writing up this post.

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Church-y stuff.

I stopped going to church because I am lazy (didn’t want to take the kids by myself when Kev was out of town or laid up with broken ankle). I kept not going because of a decision made by the leadership which I don’t agree with. So much about the church is good, yet this one part is so very, very bad it may outweigh the good.\
I have been thinking about just pushing my concerns aside and going back (New Year and all that), but every time I really think about the issue, it just bothers me so much and I can’t stomach the thought.\
I am not sure what Kevin and I are going to do, especially with regards to the kids. So, nobody should make any nonrefundable travel plans to be here for Max’s 8th birthday in hopes of seeing something special. We will be having a birthday celebration, regardless, so no worries on that front.

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