The news and entertainment shows have been showing that crazy bride video after I linked to it. My new motto should be: shares crap first. It turns out that the crazy bride video was a fake, posted by a wanna-be actress, which is ok by me because I questioned its authenticity in my post. Had I not, I would have been embarrassed. Also, I don’t think the bride was so great, but her friends did an awesome job of acting. Major kudos to them. They felt so real to me, I wanted to bitch-slap two of them and pet the third.\
Here is another awesome video totally worth one minute and ten seconds of your time: The Liberation of Katie Holmes. It’s an oldie, but a goody.\
Max is back at school. Hope he is doing ok. Cross your fingers! But he passed his cold to Kevin. Boooo! And to Brian. Super booooo! We ran out of baby cold medicine this morning. “Oh noes” heard all around the Lawver house this morning. Until I realized that Brian isn’t a baby. He is old enough to actually take most of the same medicine Max can. Then a whole new type of “Oh noes” were heard being wailed.\
In other awesome news-\
Supernatural kicked ass last week. Kicked. Ass. Literally. Figuratively. Lots of ass, lots of kicking. The CW is streaming the episode online if anyone is interested. A new episode airs tonight. Yippeee!\
Veronica Mars has been super cool since coming back from holiday hiatus. It, too, is being streamlined on the web.\
That’s all I got. What’s being awesome in your life?

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Hey, there is a new Supernatural on tonight (Thursday, 9pm EST on The CW) that looks awesome. YAY! This is the last new one until January though. Boo. But we finally get to know what the big, super-secret secret that John told Dean is. Yippeee! I can’t wait. Any guesses about the secret?\
I’ve also heard that Supernatural is now available on iTunes, which is cool. Now all you peeps out in internet-land can watch at your own convenience. Neat-oh, huh?

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Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars scored its second highest ratings ever with last night’s mystery finale. YAY! For those who missed the beginning of the arc, or those who are just now deciding to watch the awesomeness that is Veronica Mars, the season opener is being shown next week (Tuesdays, The CW at 9pm EST). I think most of the first mystery’s arc will be replayed, which will be a great time to look for clues for the second mystery which was introduced last night. Wheeee. And how fab is it that we already know so much about the suspects and already have clues? Wheeee, again, I say.

Sci-Fi Resurgent

I was never that into science fiction. I don’t read sci-fi books, comics or get into sci-fi games. But, ever since the new Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who started a couple years ago (has it been that long?), I’ve been hooked. Here’s what I’m hooked on and why:

  • Battlestar Galactica – One of the five best shows on TV, regardless of genre. The stories are good (even when they got repetetive in the second season). This season, it’s even better. The characters keep developing, and it feels like the show could go on for years. I thought the “we’re on ships and running away” thing would get old. It hasn’t; it just gets better. If you haven’t watched it, go back and start at the beginning with the DVDs, because at this point, it won’t make any sense.
  • Doctor Who – The second season just wrapped up on SciFi, and it was a doozy. The first season was a good old fashioned romp, and it gets rompier (what?) in the second. It’s fun, light, but can still throw a really creepy curveball in when it wants. It’s a great show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Perfectly balances humor, sci-fi and the show’s own camp origins to come up with something truly original.
  • Torchwood – I was a little worried about this Captain Jack spinoff of Doctor Who, but boy, there was nothing to be worried about. This one’s currently seven episodes in across the pond, and wow. It’s a grown up show, big time. Where Doctor Who is shown at seven PM, this show is shown at ten, and that makes a huge difference. The subject matter is darker, the emotions more raw, and the language is saltier. It’s a good moody drama, but still has a spark of the Doctor’s humor in it. Plus, it’s always fun to see Captain Jack. They’re doing a great job slowly developing his character, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • Heroes – This is the only new show this season I’ve stuck with. It’s gotten better with every episode, and I’m hooked. It’s funny, dark and will keep you guessing in a good way (not in a LOST “What the hell?” sort of way). It’s paced so well that each episode feels almost exactly like reading a comic book, and you know I love that. Oh, and as an added bonus, I’m pretty sure it’s the most diverse show on TV (without rubbing your face in it). Good, good stuff. I think you can catch all the episodes on iTunes.
  • Eureka – This one’s definitely quirky. It’s a wink and a nod to sci-fi convention as a sort of cross between Northern Exposure and The X-Files. It’s funny and charming in its own way. I’m glad they’re bringing it back for a second season to see if they can develop the characters some more and go somewhere with the interesting setup.\
    And I know it’s not sci-fi, but The Wire has overtaken Battlestar Galactica for the best show on television. No other show that I can remember is so patiently paced, so intricately plotted or has such well rendered characters. It covers so much ground each week without feeling rushed or contrived. If you’re a fan of uncompromised storytelling (think the first two seasons of Sopranos or Deadwood), or were a fan of Homicide: Life on the Street, you owe it to yourself to watch this show. It’s different, and if you’re used to stories that tie themselves up with a nice neat bow after every hour, go somewhere else. But, if you want characters that feel real, stories that feel authentic and subject matter that’s not honestly discussed anywhere else, watch it. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and may be the best cop show ever.\
    I’ve had the last few days off, and it’s been great. I haven’t gone so far as to not check my mail, but the break’s been good. I’ve done a bunch of stuff around the house, played with the kids, and caught up on doing nothing. Sometimes, nothing is the best cure for what ails you.
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Couch potato-ness

My beloved love seat found a nice new home. YAY! Kevin described the couple as very happy and young, which automatically makes me feel old.\
I spent all weekend shopping, though I didn’t get very far on my list. Note to self: next time leave the cute shoes at home and wear the comfortable ones. I was so wrecked by the last night that I could only veg in front of some Tivoed football games. The sound of football games coming through the tv is so soothing to me, I ended up snoozing unintentionally with the kids crawling all over and mauling me in my sleep. I think Kevin and I should make a CD of these sounds and market it to sports enthusiasts, like one of those peaceful, relaxing CDs of ocean breezes and gentle rains. I bet we could make millions! Hee.\
The finale of the first mystery on Veronica Mars is tonight (The CW, 9pm EST). I can’t wait to find out if my suspicions are right. Then a new mystery will start. I wonder what it will be?\
The Tivo in the sun room is acting up, freezing every 5 seconds. I want to shoot the darn thing and put it, and us, out of its misery. But Brian still thinks there is value is watching Go, Diego, Go in a herky-jerky manner. Just hearing it is driving me crazy. I think I will go watch some football to calm down.

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TV and stuff

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I have pies to bake, so let’s make this quick, ok?\
Heroes: The confrontation was anti-climatic. Claire basically ran away and didn’t need anyone to protect her after all. Huh. So, the world is saved now? I know it isn’t as simple as that, but so far that has been the prevalent thought.\
Glad to see the waitress back. She is my favorite character, even though she just barely showed up.\
Milo V. NEEDS a haircut. His ‘Gary Oldman from The 5th Element‘ hairstyle makes me want to scratch out my eyes.\
Gilmore Girls: LOGAN! YAY! I really enjoyed the Logan and Rory fight. I love them together, but they fight so well and entertainingly that I love the fights too. This fight seemed both organic and in character. I totally loved Rory being called out about being “one of us.” She is very much one of them when it suits her, as in “But I’m a Gilmore!” She does seem to kinda straddle the line between society and not- the society folks see her as an interloper but the non-society see her as uber-privildeged. I do wish Rory’d have said, “I used to live in a shed!” to Logan. My personal theory is that someone’s early images of themselves stick the best, so she sees herself as a poor and nerdy outsider, because that is how she was as a small child.\
I was also kind of waiting for Logan to drop the bomb that he’d invited internet newspaper guy just so he could meet Rory and potentially hire her. But no bombshell, so no extra fighting- which whew, I am glad. I think it would have been awesome and in character for Logan to do that though, because he thinks she is a great writer and wants to help her, but still let her talent and abilities actually get her the job.\
I also like that she wants to get her own place. It will still be with someone else’s money (her dad’s), so I kind of wish she’d wait 6 months and try to pay for it herself, but at least this will give her the start/taste of independence like she’s never experienced before.\
Boo to elopements. I don’t like them and think if you are eloping, there is probably something wrong with the situation.\
Veronica Mars: I love Dick. Can never get enough! The jokes were hysterical AND totally inappropriate, but that is how this society roles, which is reflected in VM. We joke about everything, even child molesting pop stars and dead astronauts. I don’t think the show is making a grand statement about women/power/feminism, etc. with this plotline. It is merely a story. This ain’t Star Trek, y’all. No moral tale to be found here. Did love the Heroes shoutout though!\
Some asshats posting on TWoP are saying that Chip’s attack wasn’t rape. Which, Grrrrrrr. Those posters are so stupid, I just can’t even let my mind go there.\
I am pretty sure I know who did it and have suspected him from almost the beginning. Which, poo. If I am smart enough to figure it out, then the writers didn’t try hard enough. I would love to be wrong though!\
30 Rock: Totally funny. Alec Baldwin is amazing (something I never thought I would write) and I hope he gets an Emmy nom from this.\
Um, I think that is all I watched. Have you been watching anything good recently?\
Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone. And super Happy Birthday, Julie (even though you don’t read this, you big slacker). Love you!

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Embarrassing Confession

While watching the latest Supernatural, I screamed after a “startling” horror trope and then after I got over the startle-factor and saw the content, I screamed AGAIN out of sheer FRIGHT. I very quickly decided it would be very smart to tuck my feet under my legs instead of letting them hang off the end of the recliner, where any old thing could grab them. Heh.\
Seriously, watching this show in the dark, in the basement, on a large screen tv, all by myself is awesome and the only way to watch Supernatural. Wheeeeee.\
Check out this quick preview of upcoming AWESOMENESS:

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Ooooh, man

I soooo owe Kevin a huge apology. He tried to get me into The Office, the US version and I just wasn’t having it. But then I actually started watching it and the show is amazing and so freakin’ funny. It took me a couple of episodes to get a feel for the rhythm and flow of the show, but now I am totally in love. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should.\
In other news, my BFF’s birthday is tomorrow and I just mailed her present today, because that is how I roll. But shhhh, don’t tell her and ruin the surprise, even though the present is going to be very late. (She doesn’t read this blog, she is a slacker, because that is how she rolls.)\
ETA– Oy vey! It isn’t my BFF’s bday that is tomorrow, it is my parents’ anniversary that is tomorrow (the same day TomKat are expected to get married). My BFF’s bday is actually next week. While I doubt the present will get there in time, I can totally blame the Thanksgiving holiday instead of my procrastination. Score!

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